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Protea, Tropical & Traditional Floral Design

Jody's design skills include the unique and unusual ability to blend a wide variety of domestic, foreign, and exotic floral species into the perfect arrangement for every occasion. Her arrangements will typically include blends of a wide variety of Protea and other exotic species including varieties of Ginger, Heliconia, Birds of Paradise, Anthuriums, and Orchids.

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About Jody Jewell

30+ years of floral design, plant care, and growing secrets

Jody’s career in floral design took on new heights when she opened Island Flower Designs on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Working from an 18-acre flower farm and nursery of prehistoric flower shrubs known as Protea, she was the chief designer and oversaw the daily operation of the farm, including plant and flower care, harvesting, managing the cut flower stock, and other business operations.

As her reputation expanded so did her business which included sophisticated multi-tiered arrangements, baskets, bouquets, wreaths, and gift boxes that she packed and shipped fresh to individual and corporate clients worldwide. She put her design experience to use by creating custom-made to order arrangements for many of the luxury hotels in the Hawaiian Islands and up and down the East and West Coast.

A few of Jody’s accolades include multiple appearances on Good Morning America, Morning TV Demo in Denver Colorado, Toronto Morning News, Fox and Friends, NBC Morning News, Chicago, and many others. Additionally, she has traveled the world with “Experience Aloha, Hawaii on Tour”, the Maui Chamber of Commerce, and the Hawaii Tropical Flower Growers Association. She has been featured in the press and has given countless presentations in floral design, arranging, and plant care worldwide.

Floral Classes & Demonstrations

Jody is at the top of her profession and is in a unique position to share her more than 30+ years of floral design, plant care, and growing secrets with audiences small and large. Contact Jody to add her dynamic presentation to your event!

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Jody Jewell Pincushion Protea

The Leucospermum Jody Jewell (Hybrid no.275) was named and registered in 2007 to honor floral designer and protea grower, Jody Jewell.

The Jody Jewell Pincushion flower heads start with yellow with mauve tips, and then age to a rich orange color. The bush will have a blend of colors and shadings from bud to mature bloom. The extended flowering period starts in early February.

It is a medium-sized hybrid protea from the University of Hawaii's breeding program. The hybrid was made by Ken Leonhardt and Pam Shingaki at the University of Hawaii in 2001. It was the result of crossing 10 species, including L. cordifolium, L. glabrum, L. lineare, L. reflexum, and L. saxosum.

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